Sunday, April 19, 2009

Springtime in Argenton 2009

As you can see I have returned to La Maison Hirondelle as spring is arriving, very quickly I might add. I see a few swallows, and I was told that they are the true sign that spring is really in full bloom. The trees that were bare when I first came now are fresh with green buds and the fruit trees are bright with white and pink blossoms.


Images of Spring in the early morning

I have begun studying with Ted Seth Jacobs in his atelier in Les Cerqueaux. This will be my second year and I will be working more on understanding color and effects of light. I have started by doing poster studies, looking for light values! It is very precise and" like a little puzzle", as Ted says, a perfectly tuned minature symphony that will become the reference for the eventual painting.

I close with the Sunset in April. I will never cease to marvel at the wonders of nature and the perfection of color and light!!