Friday, October 30, 2009

Autumn Colors

I don't have a lot to show in the way of artwork, but the beauty of the season has me dazzeled so I will share instead, Nature's art, the luminosity of autumn as she shows us her true colors.

I have just finished a still life study with Gundula Jacobs,
I study with her once a week in the evenings and I do look forward to that time.

The hat

I am working on a new study of Magda this week and having only four days left to finish it, I hope I can do it justice. That I will save for the next post, but to give it a verbal preview, it is also a study with the colors of autumn.

Autumn sunrise

This week I heard a man say "Reality is far more beautiful than your imagination has led you to believe."

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Colors of the evening

The lights of the autumn late afternoon and evening are clear and brillant, a prelude to the darkness of winter which is not so subtly enveloping the region. The smells in the air are often those of burning firewood as folks begin to settle in to keep warm..

Tonight we change the clocks back so it will be quite dark in the afternoons.

I have been fortunate to come into the second half of Studio Escalier's workshop so I am continuing to train with a live model under the tutelage of two very talented artists Timothy Stotz and Michelle Tully. Look up their website if you are interested in seeing some beautiful work.

unfinished sketches

On Wednesday evenings I drive to Gundula Jacob's still life workshop in the small village of Tigne. I love that evening and am learning a lot more about rounding and light effects, about seeing and comparing; and as Ted used to say, not trusting one's first impression, but really looking.

I celebrated my 54th year on the planet this month with a lovely fire, friends and roasted chestnuts. In these years, I have learned that love is the most powerful tool we have, forgiveness is essential, and that we are all part of the web of light.