Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wednesday morning dawned bright and clear. As we approach the solstice, days are getting longer and it seems the air is sweeter!
Today I worked again on the poster for a painting. It is a tiny painting of values, no drawing, which indicates the relationship of the background and the figure to one another. I haven't quite gotten it right. 
Today I was happy to come home and pull some weeds, even though I was quite tired, the weather is so exquisite, I managed a little before I sat and just enjoyed the colors of the sunset, the swallows winging, the play of the birds and the clean air.
Today I will include a photo of the house (La Maison Hirondelle) from the river side for those who haven't seen it. the other photos are of the garden. Even thought it is small(perfect for me) it gives me great satisfaction. I have already harvested my first head of lettuce and have beans and cucmbers coming up as well as two tomato plants.

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