Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th, Independence Day and whatever that means to you in all it's old glory.
Today I pulled up the old rug upstairs in the guest room and found a beautiful hardwood floor. I washed and cleaned off old paint spots, than bees waxed it and it sure looks nice. Luckily there was no backing or tape so it came right up.
I had not the same luck with carpet in the hall. It had been put down with double stick duct tape if there is such a thing. YUK What a mess.It does look better without that dusty old thing, but if anyone knows what takes up old tape residue, let me know.
Luckily a couple of young strong men were able to help me chuck it all out into my car and off to the "dechetterie" or the dump.
The last one to go is in the bedroom that looks east, but it is an old carpeting faded pink with a rubbery adhesive backing on it. That will not be so easy, so I will save that for another day!
Well that is it for the" living" part of the blog. I really got joy out of bees waxing the floor so then I went on to do the wooden staircase.
Today I will post photos of the poppies  that are one of beautiful wild flowers of the Argenton summer. You will walk down the river road with me. Poppies are good studies for painters; values of red and the brillaince of nature....They grow in the wall along the river bank and along the roadside.

Along the river are the community gardens, neatly planted and I am enjoying watching the gardening and work that is involved. Luckily the water comes from the river, so watering is not a problem.


At the bottom of the river road rue de Tannerie is a lovely weeping willow tree that hangs over the river showing in the reflection its grace. For many folks who live or visit here, it is a landmark.

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sarah meredith said...

Tanza - it is so lovely to read how much you are enjoying your home -and your entries about life in Argenton Chateau are so evocative of the feeling of that wonderful place! I painted a sort of poster study of your house the first year I was there, when I lived on the rue St. George. It hangs in my studio here in New York - I guess the only way to show it to you is to put a picture of it on my blog: - which I will do right now. Cheers.