Monday, August 18, 2008


Where do I begin? Full moon, rainbow, amazing sunrise? This week was filled with these and more. The Dalai lama is visiting France, the Chinese hosting the Olympic Games....need I say more?

Brilliant sunflowers? Can you imagine so much color in one place?

My still life is done and I have been working on a cast drawing, back to the basics!
I did do a small landscape sketch from my attic as I mentioned in my last blog and just for fun I will post it with the actual photo of the view.

Well mid August and the weather is already feeling like fall. The warm colors of summer are still apparent in the corn fields ready for harvest and some of the trees are already changing their leaves. One of my fav places to sit, like a cat is in the window. Here I leave you for now, watching the swallows winging.

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sarah meredith said...

nice little landscape of the river. i am getting such vicarious (and a little envious) pleasure from reading about life in your new house. enjoy the rest of the summer!