Monday, August 4, 2008

It is already August and the month began with the feeling of fall in the air, rain and winds and grey skies. Today the sun came out and it got quite warm so maybe we have a few days of summer left.
Harvest is in the air, corn , hay and now I see fields of sunflowers. My own harvest in my small garden was delightfully abundant. ..healthy zucchinis, tomatoes, green beans and after the rain, the roses began blooming again.

I have been working on the  draperies behind my still life and here is the still unfinished version. I have learned a lot from this work, but am missing my props!!
Really I have so much to be thankful for and I have plenty other props to practice with. Hula hoop has become a staple for the breaks! Low impact stress relief. 
 The downstairs room in my house has become a rehearsal space and the floors are solid oak.  They have been sanded and still need to be treated and finished, but I make good use of that space, dancing and stretching and practicing. 

This weekend I was thinking of the laws of manifestation and because I am impatient to turn the attic into a studio, I decided to work up there on Sunday to get the energy happening. It was rainy, as I said, and cloudy days are supposed to be the best for landscapes. I set up my easel and did a little study of the river from that  point of view. I left the little study on the window sill and returned in the evening only to find a bat (chauve- souris) had set up his space up there too!  There is a local museum with a exhibition on the local species , so maybe I will educate myself instead of just covering my head and running for cover.

 I will keep you posted when it is actually a working studio and the bats are evicted.

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elspeth said...

Hello! How lovely to find a minute and update myself via your lovely Blog. It really is beautiful. Good luck with the studio space - and love to the bat!