Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A mist hangs over the Argenton river tonight creating a fairy-like atmosphere. The swallows are winging and the birdsong is rich as the day comes to a close. It was quite rainy and windy, and the lowlands had an electrical storm. My climbing rose took a nose dive so I spent this evening in thick gloves to avoid the thorns and managed to tie it back up. It is just beginning to bloom pale pink, and seems happy inspite of the trauma.
Well since this blog is also about painting, the news is that I have spent the last month doing poster studies. For those of you who are painters, you know how challenging they can be.

This is a pencil drawing that I experimented with on a dark paper. I was totally in the dark light and am not particularly pleased with the outcome, but just so you know I am working and not just enjoying the French countryside, I will include it!
As you can see we have an exquisite model.

Now I have begun work on a still life, another commedia mask, Pulcinella. I have already blocked it in and have begun the color wash. I have included a beautiful sexy (if pots can be sexy) white ceramic pot, an ebony colored bass recorder that my friend Revell gave me, and the hand turned wine goblet that I used in the painting of the Harlequin mask. I did not take a photo of the poster study, so next post...

Well to conclude, I do enjoy the "vide grenier" yard or garage sales we call them in the states. In French, literally means 'empty attic'. Here one can find all sorts of things. I furnished my fireplace as well as found unique and wonderful things like this brass
pas de deux.
So you see, my heart is still with the dance and I do manage to do a barre, stretch and dance once in a while!


sarah meredith said...

oh my, I go back and forth between happiness for you that you are there in AC and sheer envy!!! It must be beautiful right now. And that is a lovely drawing. Continue to enjoy. . .

Nina said...

I'm so glad you included pictures. You are a really talented artist. I know you're still grown and leaning, but I think what you're already doing is wonderful! Thanks for sharing.


Linda said...

Your life is so magical...Yes, the dance is still in you but your brushes are now doing the dancing!

How are the roses? Surely your "touch" has healed them...

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Dearest Tanza
How lovely to get this link leading me back to your blog!
I shall enjoy catching up, and will write you a longer email on personal address.
The drawing looks great - that study you included is truly beautiful. I admire your application. Do you ever get lonely, I wonder? I only ask as I struggle with it sometimes, down here, with Frank away so much. At other times I love the solitude and get a lot done.
much love, dear one, and admiration
xx Elspeth

J/M said...

Hi from Santa Fe! Nice work on the drawing - looks like a well-trained model in a truly classical pose. Hope the weather there this spring is better than our first spring in Argenton! Say hello to everyone, and sniff an extra time for us, at the boulangerie (did I just spell that right - the first try?). We think of you and other friends in France. Enjoy your summer.
Marty & John