Sunday, April 19, 2009

Springtime in Argenton 2009

As you can see I have returned to La Maison Hirondelle as spring is arriving, very quickly I might add. I see a few swallows, and I was told that they are the true sign that spring is really in full bloom. The trees that were bare when I first came now are fresh with green buds and the fruit trees are bright with white and pink blossoms.


Images of Spring in the early morning

I have begun studying with Ted Seth Jacobs in his atelier in Les Cerqueaux. This will be my second year and I will be working more on understanding color and effects of light. I have started by doing poster studies, looking for light values! It is very precise and" like a little puzzle", as Ted says, a perfectly tuned minature symphony that will become the reference for the eventual painting.

I close with the Sunset in April. I will never cease to marvel at the wonders of nature and the perfection of color and light!!


J/M said...

Farnce DOES have the best sunsets, doesn't it?
Thinking of you in France.
Marty & John

krista said...

Wow. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing a little bit of spring in a very dear place. Watch out for Cigarroa -- she's a wild one. ; )

Nina said...

Thanks for keeping in touch! I love the pictures you take. You have talent there as well as in the painting field! Love to you. Nina

sarah meredith said...

How beautiful it is there, in the spring. Thank you for these lovely photos. Hope you are happy, enjoying class and having fun watching the gardens below take shape!

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Nice to see a new post... mmmm, spring.... We woke to snow yesterday morning here. There was a huge collective sigh in this neck of the woods. Much love to you... and Happy studies!